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Convert bitmap to vector graphic files starting at $8.

Vectorizing bitmap images are fast and affordable with 24 hours turnaround.

Bitmap to vector conversion is needed when you download files from the internet or other sources. But becomes pixelated when you try to expand the files. We can do this service at a fraction of the designer cost. We have over 20 Years of bitmap to vector work and we know how to streamline the business. Trust, a Southern California business that has excellent customer service and quality. Once you go from Bitmap to Vector, those files can be used for 100s of different printing purposes.

Bitmap (BMP) images are one of the most commonly used image formats in the screen printing and embroidery business.But Bitmap is not a sca It is a widely accepted raster image format shared by most people as well as graphic designers. The problem with a bitmap image is that the images aren’t as clean appropriate to be processed for screen printing and embroidery. The image isn’t as flexible to be made into production. The process to which these bitmap images get converted into a proper format fit for production is called vectorizing. This process converts bitmap to vector format so it would appear clean with smooth lines and edges into the shirt. Bitmap to vector graphics can be done in a variety of ways. Some of the most widely used software to convert bitmap to vector files are Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. is a company that converts bitmap to vector files. You send a bitmap image and we will redraw your image by hand. All work is done based on your specifications and you are not charged until you are absolutely satisfied with the produced artwork. Bitmap to vector is the only way to get smooth, flawless lines throughout a digital image.

Vector conversion is not only for bmp, can be done for jpg, png, giff files too. The higher the file size of a raster image means a higher resolution. If we have a higher resolution we can convert a more detailed vector file.

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